Computer Hardware Services

PROGRESS nationally markets and distributes a wide range of quality micro computer hardware, peripheral, software and related services for the group. This is achieved through proactive marketing with our VAR’s (Value Added Resellers), IRC’s (Informal Reseller Channel) and directly to End users.

Progress offers a comprehensive and dynamic portfolio of services. All our equipment and services are founded on maintaining or exceeding international industry standards.

Services provided include total solutions from Corporate levels through to individuals entering the computer era for the first time.

No project or prospective sale should be undertaken without a complete understanding of a clients requirements, clients are also made aware of any limitations that the final system or IT Strategy might have. All these aspects are carefully looked at when making proposals. On-site consultation and evaluations are also made in this process.
All equipment manufactured as OEM and assembled, are done to exacting standards. Pre-delivery testing is carried out on all Central processors to ensure client PEACE OF MIND, and is a necessary part of our computer hardware quality control procedure. Progress offers a comprehensive one year warranty, on equipment supplied by it. Progress has also carefully selected those vendors whose products we distribute, based on factors of Quality, Support structures, Value and Delivery. These vendors and products are mentioned in “representations”.
Cabling and installation are provided.
Progress has successfully eliminated a fear of its clients that the responsibility for a product ends with the sale. Our backup and support of products extend far beyond most products life span and are carried out inhouse or onsite by qualified technicians.
This aspect is of paramount importance and goes hand-in-hand with our Back Up and Support. Repair services are carried out inhouse or onsite. In some cases, use of outsourcing is made so as to respond speedily and minimize unnecessary down time. We also offer a comprehensive range of COMPUTER MEDIA and CONSUMABLE products.
Progress Business Systems supply, install and support a large number of “Off the shelf” software packages. Progress participates in Microsoft’s OEM partner program and is registered as one of Novell’s channel distributors, as such both vendor’s Operating Systems are marketed, installed and supported.